In the hood, a woman can make a man successful-or destroy him. The black community has a wide variety of women, good and bad, and now author Mcgregor Philippe seeks to help men watch out for those who can damage them. Philippe describes five particular types of women in the hood that men should try to identify at first meeting so that they can then run for dear life: the thot, the mammy, the hood rat, the bad bitch, and the educated ratchet. He explains how these women can be disastrous to a man's life; no matter how mean a man is, even if he is a thug, an armed robber, or an assassin, he can never be as mean as these women.
Philippe's goal is to save men from falling in traps that would lead to their downfall and to inspire women on taking a positive change in their behavior. In this self-help guide, one man provides a description of five types of toxic women that inhabit the hood and hopes to aid men in avoiding them.


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