Can they ever be together?

Will their love affair ever be accepted?

Zarayah Mello is a thirteen-year-old Cape Verdean American girl living in the US in the late 1980s. Her life is simple and carefree until she gets a glimpse of Zaire, an older man, who is also Cape Verdean American. It’s love at first sight for Zarayah, but does Zaire feel the same about her?

After two years of having a secret crush on Zaire, Zarayah’s dream of becoming his girlfriend comes true. The only problem is that their relationship is forbidden in her culture. Even with this knowledge, they start a love affair that transports their lives into years of secrecy, heartbreak, deceit, and confusion.

The Forbidden Love Affair is about a young girl’s struggle in choosing between her love for a man she’s forbidden to be with and her loyalty to her family and their cultural norms. How much is Zarayah willing to sacrifice in the name of love, knowing that it could destroy her family?

She must choose wisely, as her choices will change the course of her future… forever.

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