ForEver Series Book 1

A personal message from the author:

The possibility of cheating death through AI is something that has enormous appeal to most of us – well, there's no biological way of doing so just yet, is there? But what would happen if you could? How else would you change? How would the people closest and dearest to you react? And what would become of your morals and principles if there was no limit to your abilities? If you were not only immortal, but effectively invincible too?

The road to survival is hard enough for Jason Crane, the first candidate for The ForEver Project, but what comes after is a journey even more challenging – into what we mean by ‘humanity'… and how you maintain it when to all intents and purposes, you are nearer the divine than the mortal…

— D. B. Martin

Jason Crane behaves like he's God, but could he become one?

Well, he does joke that his initials are JC…

But Jason's not God, he's very human, and when his mortality catches up with him the choices are limited and terrifying. To die as a man or live as a machine?

Jason has less than six months to decide. But it's not as simple as just choosing between life or death. It's also about persuading the people closest to him – his wife and his best friend, responsible for creating the The ForEver Project – to not double-cross him when he's at his most vulnerable. As his life ebbs away, so do trust and ethics and morals. Suddenly not only Jason's choices but his very existence are everyone's concern, and old betrayals and deceipts surface that are potentially as deadly as the tumour that is about to kill him.

There's a price attached to immortality, for everyone involved. What will it be if Jason Crane becomes the first candidate for The ForEver Project?

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