A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book to look back to my childhood. Growing up a craved adventure and a dog, so you can say the story is based on one of the many tales I would live out in my parents garden.

The world I created was an escape but also an adventure and challenge. I had never wrote a book nor anything like it and enjoyed each moment, crafting and moulding it.

— Robert John Constable

The world had abandoned him. His parents murdered, left alone, Rendall a boy who couldn’t be picked out of crowd other than his distinctive silver eyes, was left to die in the woods. A future filled with madness driven by loneliness and death only avoided with the wolf companion and the unlikely relationship that saved him. Despite being isolated from the world, or because of this, Rendall couldn’t resist the urge to join humanity again. Yet finding nothing has changed, its evil and cruelty comes as no surprise as he vows to take revenge for all those he lost.

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