Hazel Series Book 2

A personal message from the author:

When I was little, I used to ask my mother, what lay beyond our Solar System and if there are worlds and beings out there in the vast and awe-filled universe.

She used to say, “There might be,” just enough to fuel and trigger my imagination!

When I decided to write the series, galactic adventures was the obvious choice.

— Starlight

Hazel's thrilling galactic adventures continue in this second book of The Galactic Adventures of Hazel series, as she and her classmates go on a much-awaited school immersion program to the Ptorysium Star System. While planet-hopping, Hazel, Dmitri, and Richie stumble upon a world that is in dire straits. Their adventures take on a whole new league when her impish cousins, Nuke and Nike, get involved, and before they know it, there is too much stuff on their plates – warding off Pepops, making new friends and (also) enemies, negotiating terms, and at the same time juggling with their intergalactic classes.