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This is a children's book that aims to raise the self-worth of children, especially girls. The book is very educational and inspirational. The main character suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and with this debilitating disease, she was still able to influence her peers to do exceptionally well with their academics. The book was written to raise the self-esteem of children who believe that they were not able to do well despite having the aptitude to do well. The influence of the media regarding appearance has affected many children to be proud of who they are. Many also lower their standards due to peer pressure, and so this book empowers all to be mightily proud of you are no matter what.

— Andrew Beckford

Brittany has Cystic Fibrosis. Despite the struggles that comes with her disease, she courageously fights back and was able to make outstanding achievements in her academics. This inspired her peers to become better individuals, especially Chantelle who won her heart in every way you could imagine. Brittany did more than inspired, she changed the lives of many and in this book she will do the same to anyone who reads The Girl Who Shone Like A Star.

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