Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you cannot seem to make progress despite doing all the right things?

In this remarkable book, author Stany Austinson shows you why you make the mistakes you make and why you fail at what you fail. He teaches you how to harness limitless energies and channel them to build the life that you want.

Can freedom ever be this simple?

Find out how to break free of the world and the self born of it to arrive at your true being.

Look at the inner machinery that keeps you moving forward. See why this machinery would often keep you tied up and have you moving in mindless circles.

Get rid of self-sabotaging behaviors and be at peace with all that you are. Experience total liberation and stop chasing the goals set by the world. Learn how to reshape your world as you see fit.

Discover for yourself what the mystics and sages have pointed to for centuries.

Know that heaven, enlightenment, God or whatever you have decided to call it is just outside the boundaries of the habitual self that you have created to deal with a world that has invaded you and now has you in a chokehold.

Are you ready to have your beliefs challenged?


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