A Tactical Guide To Scale E-commerce to $500 Million

A Growth Marketing Playbook is a series of plays or tests that a growth hacker can implement. This book will equip you with the tools to develop your own Growth Playbook.

A common struggle with scaling an e-commerce business is the transformational leap from the sub $15M range to the $200-$500M range.

This could be the Series A challenge: How do you metamorphosize from a brand with a proven product that might grow to a brand that is predictably and swiftly growing?

Alternatively, it could be the Plateau challenge: How do you overcome a growth plateau or revenue ceiling and transform marketing to a sustainable self-funding growth trajectory?

While there are numerous books on growth, there is no comprehensive operational playbook. This book bridges that gap by providing 5 strategic pillars and 50+ tactics for data-driven marketing and sustainable growth:

Learn about metrics like Net Promoter Score and Lifetime Value. Become sustainable with the LTV/CAC ratio. Gain a foundational understanding of digital and TV attribution, and learn how to set up a holistic measurement stack

Dive deep into 15 different acquisition channels and 30+ tactics across paid, owned and earned. Paid meticulously covers 11 different channels ranging from digital marketing like search and paid social, to mass-media like direct response TV and out-of-home, and emerging like streaming AVOD services and programmatic direct mail. Round out with SEO, referral, marketplaces and Amazon.

Maximize LTV via the PAD strategy©. Manage list un-engagement, a bigger danger than unsubscribes. Expand beyond email with tips for paid, personalization, customer service and rewards.

Uncover how to increase conversion rates by building a data and hypotheses driven CRO capability.

Optimize creative with tips for speed, fatigue, passive audience and testing. Get introduced to an innovative new tool for brand positioning.


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