Two ill-fated souls trying to escape the control of their elders, instead collide with each other and discover they are bound together by the same infernal curse. The darkness they fear is found in their own hearts and for good or ill they are doomed to replay the calamitous events that destroyed a kingdom.

From the time of his chaotic birth that sent his mother mad, Jett has lived under the shadow of an unspoken curse and an ominous prophecy. Despite no parents, Jett was treated with indifference by his people. Passed between families as a child or living on his own, he never felt he belonged among them. Their aloofness reared in him an unruly and turbulent spirit, causing him to be at odds with his Elders. Due to his rebellion, his activities are controlled and his travel restricted. He grew to despise their authority. Driven by a need for answers to the fall of his family, he is met with apathy and silence. Angry and frustrated, he is desperate to escape the confines of his society and the layers of rules and traditions, and take up the search for his missing father.

As fate rules, Jett and his Kin are granted permission to leave Tellavare, but only with rigid conditions and the guarantee Jett will obey and not cause trouble. Otherwise his future among the Faerinn will have dire consequences. However, choices will be out of his hands when his path collides with a girl shrouded in darkness and secrecy, the exact type the Faerinn Elders would condemn. The trouble continues when his Kin are separated, and Jett must make the decision between obeying rules and traditions or protecting a girl who is bound to him through ancient prophecy. The same girl that knows Witch-craft, and together with him can Summon the Dead and open a Gate to Hell. All the while trying to avoid and fight off the damning and perilous prophecy over his own life and that of his Kin.

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