A personal message from the author:

Inspired by life events that happen all too often. The Heart Locker takes you through the aftermath of a modern-day divorce while also seeing the life of a Soldier's hopes and dreams from World War 2. I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it. A man writing a romance novel from a female's perspective? What could go wrong?

— David Devine

A contemporary and historical romance fiction, the Heart Locker is filled with life lessons, drama, and redemption.

Claire's world crumbles around her when Andy comes home to confess he's been cheating on her and leaves to be with his mistress. Losing confidence in herself, Claire finds unexpected comfort from a World War II journal that gets locked away before she's able to finish it. She gains an elderly mentor who reminds her of her dearly departed grandfather.

Thinking she would never find love again, Claire's hope is reignited when a handsome doctor approaches her on the street with a strange request.

As Claire starts to trust again and tries to uncover the mysteries of the journal, her new reality becomes threatened when her ex-husband attempts to come back into her life.


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