An unputdownable and absolutely gripping psychological thriller

A personal message from the author:

I read a shocking article and at that moment a story came to me that I wanted to share. Only after reading the book readers will understand what I wanted to say to the society.

— Lelde Kovalova

In a rural area, Laura and her husband live in a private home. Laura's loving husband, devoted parents, a sister, and a friendly dog surround Laura, whose dream is to be a mother. Then, one evening, her life changes forever. Agris, her husband, goes for a walk and never returns home. When the woman begins to search for her husband, the police and her relatives inform her, “Laura, you've never been married and have no husband.”

Can we tell the difference between imagination and reality? Might we sometimes be so convinced of what we believe that we will do anything to prove it?

A completely gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist.