A personal message from tha author:

The Inheritance of Wrath is my debut novel, one which I have been working on for nearly five years. It has been a passion project of mine, mostly inspired by the great stories I read as a child and continue to read to this day. Nothing is more exciting to me than to get wrapped up in a story about adventure and wonder, and I believe this book delivers on all of that.

— Z.T. Sankey

Teenage angst is difficult enough to handle on its own, but when Liwanu discovers that his anger leads to supernatural strength, he struggles with his need for self-control. His father's death at the hand of an assassin only pushes him closer to madness.

With the help of a strange man named Professor Baker, he begins to understand his connection to Empyrean, the land of the dead and the source of his powers. Despite not knowing the professor, he accepts his help, putting his own life and the life of his best friend in danger.

With the man behind his father's murder coming to power in a world that has forgotten war, Liwanu has to learn to control his wrath before it controls him. HIs only hope is to join others like him and learn patience and understanding in a time of strife and confusion.


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