This is a story of the perseverance of a unique puppy, named George, born in the big city. He's adopted by the Brians family, who had a daughter named Jennifer. While on a trip George becomes lost, and is faced with new experiences and feelings.

Throughout his challenging journey to get back home, George gains mysterious human abilities, as well as bumps into an old friend. His old friend, who happened to be his previous owner, helps him reunite with his current owners. At the end of the story, the Brian's is faced with the challenge of accepting their once beloved pet, as a new member of the family.

This story is a great read for the adventurous and open minded, and is a lesson on acceptance.


Excerpt from The Journey © Copyright 2024 George Drummer


This story starts with a thirty-seven-year-old lady whose name is Ashley and a forty-year-old man whose name is Edmond. They met nine years ago while standing in line at a Wendy's fast-food establishment one summer day. Edmond stopped in for one a frosty while doing his daily job of selling water and other snacks from an outside stand. They both were born in Bronx, New York, and have been there their whole life. Edmond and Ashley both were single with no kids, and upon a joke that Edmond uttered on that humid Wednesday of September 1976, a romance was sparked. Edmond always had a way with words wrapped in with his clever humor, and Ashley loved a good joke and the masculine features of a man which described Edmond.

Edmond, at the time, was a five-foot-ten slender man with strength that was more seen than showed. He started keeping his head shaved because he lost his hair in a work-related accident. During a construction job one day, a mysterious liquid dripped on his head from above him, causing his hair to fall out a few days later. Edmond was very fond of his hair; he loved the afro that he grew and maintained for years. This was a few years before meeting Ashley, when he had a job as a foreman. Ashley, at the time, was five feet nine and built with a slim waist with a double-D bosom and evenly matched behind.

She maintained her baby face look all throughout her life, thus far which was one of the things that provoked Edmond to cast that joke across the line at Wendy's. Edmond was always cautious from living in multicultural New York, where it was not always safe, and Ashley was mysterious upon dating someone until she could make a concise decision. After the initial meeting of Edmond and Ashley, he had to get back to his stand, and she was currently running errands.

Ashley was unemployed due to her starting back school that previous year for psychology with hopes of becoming a counselor. For a couple weeks after they met, Ashley would stop at Edmond's stand for an hour a day, getting to know him. Edmond lived in an apartment building on the corner of Townsend Avenue and 174th Street, in which Ashley soon joined him after a couple dates. The new couple were two pieces of a puzzle that found each other, and less than a year later, in the winter of 1978, a creation from that love was formed. Ashley was pregnant, and Edmond, who always secretly wanted a child, was overjoyed. Ashley and Edmond were a simple couple, so they both didn’t have that many belongings to combine.

Since Ashley was going to school, she was otherwise free to help Edmond with his entrepreneur business selling snacks. The first couple of months of pregnancy was a little frustrating due to Ashley being a new mother, but together they were old enough to know how to handle any challenges that may arise. The baby woke Ashley up every morning at four with morning sickness and didn’t let her go to sleep until after twelve every night. Edmond did all he could to make that comfortable, which normally meant him getting up and going to bed at the same time as she did. The baby seemed to settle from the smell and taste of rosemary, so Ashley got in the habit of enjoying a cup in the morning as well as at night.

Edmond loved talking to Ashley’s belly and Placing headphones on her stomach with classical music, his idea of introducing the baby to culture. The following few months went by what seemed like a breeze. Edmond was very profitable in his work endeavor, which also allowed him to give Ashley the attention that she needed. Ashley and Edmond had finally got what they were looking for, a love and now a child of their own. Towards the last couple months, there was an incident that had the couple frightened.

With a month and a half left to go, in the middle of the night, Ashley woke up at four in the morning. She automatically knew something was off because that stopped months ago. Ashley sat up on the bed, alerting Edmond by giving him a nudge in his lower back. Edmond immediately sat up with a sleepy but concerned look on his face, following up with the question, “What’s wrong?” Ashley felt a sharp pain in the center of her lower stomach. They called the ambulance, and within thirty minutes, they were rushing through the doors of the emergency room. Edmond couldn’t go inside the operating room with her, and with his strength exhausted in every way he sat her hospital bed security.

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