A mission to space isn't all it seems to be.

Artemis is enlisted to lead up a mission into space To find humankind another home after the earth has been left crushed and turned into a wasteland from the ruthless 4-year interstellar war with the Aliens known as Anpu. During the battle, humans have gained alien allies to help fend off the Anpu for now.

The Coalition has provided a crew for her offering her some of the best in the galaxy, delegates from various planets to lend their aid. This crew has a big task at hand with unexpected rivals and all the other unknowns against them. From the point when an explosion wakes her and her team from Cryosleep, the blast harming their ship; Artemis ends up unwinding a secret that there’s a saboteur on board. And a hunter attempting to kill her for what they believe she has.

Outfitted with her resourcefulness and her assurance, Artemis leaves on a journey of disclosure that may either assist her with satisfying her main goal to direct humankind to another world or totally wreck her from her way and clear her into a whirlpool of mysteries.

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