Entrepreneurship 101 for Aspiring Women

Become your own boss and create your own success! Find the confidence to achieve your dreams with this guide for women looking to become prosperous in business. Journey to Success: Entrepreneurship 101 for Aspiring Women offers guidance in building a plan for a lucrative business.

Female entrepreneurs are the backbone of society and the number of female-owned businesses is on a rise. Business Coach, Author, Publisher and Serial Entrepreneur, Angela K. Chambers recently launched P&J Publishing, Inc. and is a contributing blogger for P&J Publishing and the 918 Lady Business Blogger. Her desire is helping others to take their passions from hobby to empire through realistic, practical actions of success.

While many people are afraid to act on their dreams, you should launch your startup to become a person you always aspired to be. Whether you are starting your first business or planning your next, you can develop the confidence, traits, and tools you need to create a profitable business that will last. Discover how you can change the world like other successful female entrepreneurs!


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