A Scottish Romance Novel, Set in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

“You know I’ve had it long for you since that moment in your shed.”

“What took you this long, then?”

The Lady’s Choice is the captivating story of Ruthie, a beautiful and shapely farm girl and her elicit and unlikely romance with Salmon, a handsome noble and the nephew of Edinburgh Castle in 1885.  In addition to the spicy encounters of Scottish Historical Romance; the storyline also features an emotional fight to care for a semi-abandoned 5 year old boy, unwanted attentions from the town’s crooked mayor and a surprising ‘happily ever after’ ending.

When Salmon and his young son Ben straggle into Ruthie’s life during a torrential rainstorm, she does what comes naturally to her – she protects Ben and helps him recover after a long walk in poor conditions.  But where is the boy’s mother and why is his father Salmon (who she is instantly attracted to) acting so mysteriously?   How can Ruthie ensure that her family farm is cared for and continue to care for Ben, who needs motherly love and direction?  Will she agree to become Salmon’s live-in nanny, while other evil men in the castle are helpless to prevent uncomfortable sexual attempts of nanny romance towards the irresistible Ruthie?

Find out in The Lady’s Choice, a climactic and powerful Scottish Historical Romance novel.

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