A Sensual Medieval Romance Novel

“You do realize,” Nathaniel manages between kisses, “that I'm planning to list this as part of your guard duty?”

“Counting on it, in fact,” Camilla replies, tugging at Nathaniel's braided rope belt. “Please show me how much you love me.”

The Lady’s Vow is much more than just a rewarding, sensual Medieval Romance novel; it is an addictively accurate look into the coming of age of a beautiful woman in Medieval times.   As she struggles to succeed in her desperate quest to become a noble’s squire and save her family’s land, Camilla develops strong (and probably inappropriate, by the rules of gallantry) feelings for the handsome Prince Nathaniel, who happens to be her Sire.

Will Camilla be able to focus on her important tasks, while she dreams of her unrequited love for Nathaniel? Or… perhaps her Sire has secretly been having the same sensual dreams about his shapely blonde squire?

Although everything seems perfectly in order at the royal palace, and while Camilla and Nathaniel’s relationship starts to flourish during a time of peace, something dark and treacherous is brewing within the castle walls.
Camilla dismisses the mysterious threat until it’s too late and the Prince’s life – as well as the future of the kingdom – is put in peril.
Can Camilla make things right again? Or will the shadows that lurk in their midst emerge triumphant?

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