Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories

Look at me, I’m wild and free. Look at me, I’m Manderlee. Manderlee, that’s me. Manderlee, the last honey bee.

Learn about Manderlee, an adventurous honey bee, and the challenges she must overcome in this beautifully illustrated rhyming story for ages 3+.

When her hive is destroyed, Manderlee must find a new home. Learn about the importance of honey bees, and join Manderlee on her perilous journey to a foreign land. Will the last honey bee survive?

Message from the author:
“I wrote The Last Honey Bee to make young children aware of the importance of honey bees and urge them not to harm these important pollinators. As well as educate about the different types of bees – worker, drone, and queen, and the differences between honey bees and other insects such as wasps and houseflies, I hope to encourage young children to plant wildflowers, which are also declining in the UK and other countries.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

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