The magical fairy tale is about a child living in every human being, about love, togetherness, life, death, humanism. The masterpiece of a French writer who lost his life in World War II and is now considered a classic, was published in 1946 and embarked on his world-conquering journey. Since then, it has been translated into dozens of languages, and has understood many Hungarian editions, and has been used in opera, dance, theater and film processing. Perhaps the secret of his success is that in the form of a little prince from a distant planet, a clean, humane world shines that we all long for.

An opinion

I have read this book several times, but only now have I understood it. I had to grow up to not be a young adult. Now, I think this is one of the best book of my life, my philosophy of life, my Bible, my favorite…

Those who think that only money works in our life, here is the answer: there are more important things like “taming” someone. Those who do not understand this book, don’t worry: you just have to become a kid both in mind and heart. Don't try understand with your adult mind.

This book was written by an adult child for adult children. For the child that lives there in everyone: the real man, the man of the heart, the man of the soul, who can and wants to live, and knows the nuances of happiness and sadness (since the two do not exist without each other). Well only with his heart… it is a pity that it has become commonplace from this too… but as we know: commonplaces are the greatest truths that everyone knows in principle. 


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