All it took was a singular, heroic act of unconditional kindness for Marverick to fall in love with her Highness Santan yet her warm words of endearing encouragement carry him through the rest of his difficult life, keeping him soft and tender through the darkest pits of hell as the supernatural world descends into chaos around them.

After a tragic, preventable death among The Corbeaus, the self-entitled coven decides to take revenge over the laxed restraints surrounding war across the land and starts stirring up trouble in the once delicately balanced supernatural world, a world under the ultimate rule of the kind yet excessively benevolent elf king. However, ‘trouble' may as well be Marverick's middle name.

Growing up abused by his own people based on bogus superstitions and petty crimes committed, the young elf finds unconditional love for the first time in the form of an endearing fairy princess with a bold nature, who completely alters the course of his otherwise miserable existence.

The life saving guidance of her melodious voice keeps him soft and tender as he grows from a bitter child into a noble young man throughout the novel, his innocent crush maturing into a deep, profound love for the princess while the world around them spirals into chaos.

Death, betrayal and humiliation ensue, however such horrible experiences only solidify his resolve to become stronger as he rigorously prepares himself for the day they can finally be together for the rest of eternity.


Excerpt from The Lone Lake of Glass Lilies © Copyright 2023 Amber Schembri

Both twirled across different sides of the room within two elegant lounges, leaving the vampires closest to them in the dust; standing on the red ‘x’ the two have marked on the ground like markings on the stage floor.

Their stage; and they were about to steal the show.

Hesitant on where to go, the enemies split into two groups as more guards stepped up from each direction to offer support.

One from the centre of the room, and two from further back by the exit grew nearer to each escapee. They lunged with their swords and each dodged in sync with an effortless swirl, out of sight from one another as if in tune with a melody only they could hear. Marverick bowed in curtsey as a sword swung over his head slashing the painting of the Claire above, while Santan performed a graceful leap spin past her attackers, sending the guards crashing into the king’s portrait behind her.

The two then stood posed for a moment, each with one hand behind their head and the other outstretched towards another as they locked eyes from across the room. This moment’s pause allowed them and the guards to catch their breath before they both serenely swirled to the centre of the room, stopping each other’s speed by smacking their flattened palms against one another like a child’s game. Their faces were mere centimetres apart as they exchanged exhilarated looks between them, before the guards closely approached from both sides.

They both knew what to do.

Three.” Marverick counted.

Two.” Santan continued.

One!” They enthusiastically concluded in unison.

They were all smiles despite the impending danger, as Marverick gently intertwined Santan’s fingers in his, pulling her towards him with one hand as he gave her a graceful spin, in turn twisting his own body to leap to opposite sides of the room and gather the last of the guards into the central herd. The vampires that had previously tried to grab them clashed into each other as their prey slipped out of their clutches in the nick of time, leaving them all stunned in place.

It was at that moment that Petunia momentarily stuck her head out from Marverick’s pocket and took a good look at her sister’s smiling face. She truly did seem the happiest she’s ever been, dancing to her heart’s content for months ever since the unnecessary rituals of their home clan had begun. It must have felt like the shackles of routine were cut off and she was once again a free bird, flying gracefully in the wind to the tone of her partner’s gentle humming.

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