32 Weeks Bloc Periodized Soviet Inspired Total Bodybuilding System

Welcome to The Machine Method!

It is short and to the point book, that helps you to get your best genetic potential as quick as possible.

This Book is written by the one who is “Power-Bodybuilder“. This is a combination of a power athlete and a bodybuilder. As a powerlifter, He competed for many years in the APA “American Powerlifting Association”.

This book for sure helps you a lot to achieve your all goals related to bodybuilding and powerlifting.

This book covers 32 week bloc periodized soviet inspired total bodybuilding system.

I know you all are curious after reading a Book Cover that What is this Machine Method, From where it originate, Why it is important etc. We cover all these questions here in this book.

This Book is divided into 6 parts:

  • Part 1: Physiology
  • Part 2: Periodization
  • Part 3: Principles and Methods
  • Part 4: Psychology
  • Part 5: Nutrition
  • Part 6: The System ( Here we cover 4 training Modalities and their protocol )
  • Part 7: It's all About

“So get ready to achieve highest potential as a power athlete and as a bodybuilder”

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