It was a day like any other day to most people who graced the Mozaic Park, but for Helena, it was a day she could find a rare specimen, one piece of a puzzle to avoid her past experiences with men.

There was just something strange about this girl. He felt powerless against her. There was a look of horror on her face. “Look, we have to run!,” she said hastily. Joe hurtled down the escalator, pushing past people as if they did not exist. He did not look behind. On the platform below, visible in the crowd boarding a train that had just arrived, a tall beautiful young woman was standing there looking in his direction as if she has been waiting for him to show up.

The woman called the police and a murder case was opened. The police could not get any word or statement from Helena. She was taken to the hospital for observation and her mother’s corpse was taken to the mortuary for burial preparation. It was too much for Helena to handle.

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