The Ninth Gear is the much anticipated compendium on leadership, transformative thinking and strategic and tactical methods that have brought unimagined results to thousands of leaders, business people, professionals and hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Multi-award-winning transformationalist and coach, Sanjeev Loomba has an established global reputation for igniting revolutionary shifts in capacities and outcomes for people and corporations worldwide.

Built on his new-age pioneering technique of Valueprenership, The Ninth Gear gives clear and impeccable strategies and frameworks for immediate and practical usage with rapid outcomes.

These proven methods shape people into Valuepreneurs, who, apart from achieving exceptional results, become inspirational leaders, build a strong legacy, are distinguished, respected and advocated. They fly well beyond entrepreneurs!

This remarkable book will cement your:

  • Culture and brilliance as a Valuepreneur
  • Strategic thinking and technique for effectiveness
  • Mind availability and personal fortitude
  • Inspirational leadership of your total people environment
  • Relationships and interactions to be fully trusted, deeply admired and invested in

This is a truly remarkable thesis deliciously packed with industry-proven frameworks and generously reinforced with countless case studies. This is an impeccable reference for business leaders and professionals who want to lead excellence both professionally and personally. The clarity of thought is marvelous.

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