A personal message from the author:

I am a current high school junior at The Waterford School in Sandy, Utah. I discovered the beauty of math at a very early age and love every aspect of it to this day. Even more than learning, I enjoy teaching math to younger students and watching their passion grow over time. In the future, I hope to have a career in the mathematics field. Math really does not have to be hard, and your teacher is always there to help you. Find help in your teacher and destroy your monster!

Also, all proceeds will be donated to organizations that are truly in need. Learn how to do addition and know that you are supporting great causes!

— Tarun Kumar Martheswaran

Raj Patel, a second-grade boy, has just moved to a new school in a new place. More than anything, Raj dreads his math class. Every time he tries to solve a problem, the menacing Number Monster flies into the room and messes with Raj’s thoughts! Luckily, Raj has the perfect partner to take on the frightening Number Monster – his math teacher Mrs. Woller. Together, Raj and Mrs. Woller form a dynamic duo to stop the Number Monster in his tracks. Join Raj and Mrs. Woller in their fight against the Number Monster, and learn some new addition tricks along the way!

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