A personal message from the author:

We felt compelled to write this book for our young readers as there has been so much misinformation and confusion surrounding the Coronavirus. We wanted kids to have access to accurate information and be informed but in a fun, light hearted and entertaining way. There are lots of funny cartoons that will make you giggle in hysterics!

— Dr. S G Jack 

The crazy coronavirus has been causing chaos around the world! It’s changed everything and created so much confusion. Want to know more than your teachers, parents or even the President about coronavirus? Let's uncover all the important truths, without skimping on the revolting details, that Disgusting Doctors love!

Learn: How dabbing can save your life.
Exposed: Why the coronavirus spread insanely fast around the world.
Revealed: What led to the great toilet paper shortage of 2020.
Discover: How a little robot in your cell phone can help crush the coronavirus.
Uncovered: Why a horseshoe crab’s blood is vital for testing coronavirus vaccines.

Let's begin the journey to separate fact from fiction. Know everything about the coronavirus based on real facts from real doctors!


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