A personal message from the author:

I had always been interested in fictional literature—more specifically science fiction and fantasy novels and counterfactual historiography. I thought why not create a novel that combine my interest in alternate history with my interest in fantasy. As strange as it sounds, in middle school I had a dream and it left such an impression on me that I decided I had to put what I had dreamt about on paper. Of course, that was back in middle school and as my writing ability matured since then and the plot has changed quite significantly though the essence of what I had dreamt is still present in this novel.

— Ujjwall Uppuluri

The year is 1071, and following a disaster upon the fields of Manzikert, the Roman Empire finds itself in an existential crisis. The rightful emperor, Romanos IV Diogenes, has been overthrown, and his ambitious military general, Michael Ducas, rules in his stead. Nobles raise their flags in open rebellion against the state, and foreign powers vie to crush the Empire. Thus begins the chronicle of Anil, the time traveler, and his partner, the spirit of the sword, to prevent the dissolution of a thousand-year-old empire.


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