A Doll For Play Series Book 1

A shocking psychological thriller following the girl, the good guy, and the bad guy.

Lilly is a typical early teen. She is dealing with the loss of her father and the new man in her mother's life. Her typical life is about to be turned upside down on a roller coaster ride through a living nightmare turn of events.
Liam has been cold and depressed ever since the death of his wife and daughter. All that changed in a moment. While driving in the pouring rain, down the desolate road that leads to his lonely home, a barely clothed young girl leaps in front of his truck. Where did she come from? Why was she in the woods in this storm? What has she been through?

And him. . . what horrors have created this man. What is he capable of? How far will he go? Why is he doing this? Can he be stopped?


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