A Retail Leader's Guide to Changing the World

Retail is the heartbeat of a thriving economy and community; Without it, the gears come to a grinding halt. But when it is functioning at its highest capacity, the millions of people it employees learn skills that shape their future in amazing ways.

In this book, April Sabral brings you a fresh perspective to the power and passion of retail. In it she shares her personal journey, lessons learned, and how to lead with a positive attitude against all the odds. This attitude and style of leading helped her in growing strong, dynamic, and effective retail teams. You will come away with practical action steps you can use, whether you are just getting started in retail or have been in the field forever. You’ll learn the art of leadership, the power of connection, and the role of mindfulness in building teams that collaborate to achieve massive success.

After reading this book, you’ll never go back to working with your teams the same way. Even if you do not work in retail her three leadership principles can be applied in any field. Having a positive effect on people has a positive effect on any business.


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