How Community is Essential to Build Wealth

A personal message from the author:

As a retired financial advisor, my main goal in life is to help others build family wealth. I have personally experienced the ups and downs of life and building wealth, and this book reveals everything that I have learned from these experiences. This book will not only provide you with an understanding of the tools needed to build wealth, but it will inspire you to surround yourself with a community that will support you along the way.

— Kerry J Grinkmeyer

The challenge of building wealth can easily overwhelm you, especially if you are trying to do it alone. But building wealth isn’t a solo sport. It is an endeavor that requires a community. It requires a tribe.

We can all benefit from a healthy community, especially one that helps you:

  • Make Good Investment Decisions
  • Keep More of What You Make
  • Build Family Wealth

In this book, Kerry Grinkmeyer shares how he came to the realization that community is an essential part of building wealth. From his experience running a construction business, to building a multi-million-dollar financial advising practice, to then creating an online community for financial education, Kerry shares practical methods and strategies that will guide you on your journey to a life of wealth. Not only will you gain an understanding of the tools needed to build wealth, but you will see the importance of community and the power of a tribe.


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