How Back Stength and Posture Pilots the Entire Body

Personal message from Author:
“In the Power of Your Spine, I share illustrations of many important spine and back muscles and he physical movements each perform during everyday activities. I feel if we have the knowledge of our muscles and movements, it guides us to stay injury free during our daily activities and exercise programs. Having this knowledge will help fight against decline and weakness that often comes with aging and/or disease. It will also assist in recovery and rehab from injuries, stroke, surgeries and rebuilding walking abilities. This anatomy book is a vital resource for all ages; including students, fitness fanatics, athletes, fitness professionals, physical therapist, chiropractors and medical professionals. It’s a great source to bring to your team of healing professionals to help commutative and understand what body work and exercises are needed to heal.

I work with many stroke survivors, clients in recovery from injuries and fall prevention. Knowledge of muscles and movement are essential. Although there are knowledgeable fitness professionals around, there are also many professionals who have a very limited knowledge of the human body. I wrote this book to help people learn about their own body as well as help educate professionals in the fitness industry.”
— Tracy L. Markley

Tracy is the owner of Tracy’s Personal training, Pilates and Yoga Studio. She is a certified Fitness Specialist and Biomechanics Specialist.


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