If you were given a second chance in life, how would you go about living!?

For instance, let's say you have cancer and you only have two months left to live. Suddenly, your cancer is gone and you had just been given a second chance. How would you move forward living your life?

A personal note from the author:

Due to over-saturation of vampire and werewolf novels, you won't find any of them in this book. Embrace yourself in an action packed dramatic, story about a young man name Simon Weller, who possesses a unique power to heal people of their pains and suffering.

–Robert Sounvonnakasy

Meet Simon Weller, a young man gifted with the supernatural power of healing. Over the course of his adventures, he learns to embrace his newly acquired mystical ability; healing those who are suffering and gaining new friends along the way. However, where there's light, there's always darkness. Something sinister looms over the horizon, and it's up to Simon with the support of his friends to take a stand and fight for the survival of the City of Seattle. The Prescott Legacy is a fantasy/adventure roller-coaster of a story, driven by it's diverse and unique characters that will keep you page-turning long into the night.

Under the umbrella of second chances, the narrative will explores topics, like unhealthy lifestyles, cancer awareness, STDs, domestic abuse, violence against women, drug abuse, and more that it will leave you feeling alternately heartbroken and hopeful.

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