A personal message from the author:

The Keth'Ra trilogy will be the fulfilment of a promise to a ten-year-old boy who once dreamed of sharing his own adventures across space and time.

— D.S. Gregory

In the ancient world as the foundations of human society were laid, Sumer emerged as a civilisation and a region in southern Mesopotamia. During the age of Sumer, a man who would be known as Keth'Ra appeared in the shadows of human society.

Keth'Ra was a supreme being hidden among those around him, immortal with the power to conquer or rule the world, his reason for being in this place and time remained a mystery. As his power evolved, Keth'Ra would witness the rise of humanity, a race that would one day fulfil a destiny to walk among the stars.

After an extended age of unity and peace, needless conflict returned to humanity in what was now a solar society. It was at this moment Keth'Ra stepped forth from the shadows, uniting the human race, revealing a future beyond comprehension, occurring at a point history remembers as, The Solar War.

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