A Children’s Book for Self-Esteem from Preschool Age

The Scale of Happiness is a children's book that aims to encourage parent-child dialogue on the sensitive yet relevant subject: body image. The book was written as part of the global trend that promotes thinness as a human value and a measure of beauty, and tricks us into “weighing” our happiness as a function of our body weight. The book suggests the use of a different language: freer, more attentive, and soothing. It speaks to children from preschool until teenage years who feel the harmful effects of the diet culture, giving them a new, refreshing perspective and especially the opportunity for a better, more constructive dialogue.

The Scale of Happiness was written and designed as a children's book, but owing to the complexity of the subject, it is actually intended for parents. Its aim is to create a new discourse and to change parents' and children's ideas about body image, mindful eating, and self-acceptance.”The Scale of Happiness” presents as a peek at the world of diets, calories and weight, but is, in fact, an accurate look – amusing, yet sad – at what happens in most homes around the world. It invites the readers to peek inside and create the change – both personal and within the family – that will lead to a fuller, happier life, with a greater level of self-esteem.

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