A Journey to the Heart of Self-Love, Healing Scars and Ultimate Freedom

The Self-Healing Magic: Transforming Wounds into Wisdom takes readers on a deep and personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. It serves as a practical guide to help individuals navigate their inner landscapes and find profound change within themselves. The book is designed to lead readers step by step towards deeper self-realization and acceptance, turning personal wounds into sources of wisdom.

The story follows Alex, an introspective protagonist on a quest for inner peace and self-acceptance. Her journey through various symbolic landscapes, including moonlit forests and ancient caves, represents the universal struggle for self-realization. Along the way, Alex meets oracles and faces challenges, each experience teaching her important lessons about inner alchemy and the transformative power of forgiveness. The book emphasizes how forgiveness, combined with healthy boundaries and love, can heal past pains and transform them into valuable life lessons.

“The Self-Healing Magic” also provides practical insights for maintaining peace and balance in everyday life. It encourages readers to reflect on their growth, embrace their true selves, and live with clear intentions. By engaging with the book’s wisdom and applying its lessons on self-love and boundary setting, readers can find personal transformation and share this journey with others who seek healing and enlightenment. This book invites readers to begin their healing journey and find joy in personal growth.


Excerpt from The Self-Healing Magic © Copyright 2024 Mike Alma

The Mirror Within

Reflections of the Broken

In the dim light of dawn, Alex finds herself in a silent dialogue with her reflection, a ritual that unveils the layers of her existence, thread by thread.

The antique mirror before her, with its silvered surface marred by the passage of time, serves as a silent witness to the complexity of her being. Its scars, reflective of her own, tell stories of resilience in the face of adversity. As she traces the contours of her face, each line a marker of joy and sorrow, she stands at the crossroads of introspection and revelation. Beneath the familiar facade, there lies a deeper truth, a pulsating ache that refuses to be mirrored by mere reflections.

Alex’s soul is clad in fragile armor, a construct of the self-designed to navigate a world that often prizes surface over depth. This armor, made of veneer confidence and a polished smile, has shielded her from the gaze of those who may not understand the battles fought in silence. Yet, this shield… ​

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