The Novan Chronicles Book 1

In a war between fire and ice, three former enemies must join forces to save everything they love.

The Nixans and Wardens are supernatural beings living hidden within our world, locked in a brutal war for supremacy. Wielding the powers of ice and fire, their ancient feud has grown to engulf six continents, eleven races of superhumans, and one very powerful goddess.

Now, three reluctant teenagers, armed with nothing but a magic sword and a blistering vendetta, are about to take a stand and change their world forever.

Keira Serasul is a Sentry, pledged to serve the Nixans for life. When her best friend’s future is threatened by her own father's schemes, Keira is faced with an impossible task: to infiltrate the home of her people’s worst enemy and steal an enchanted artifact with the power to curse an entire kingdom.

Her target is far away, and the journey is fraught with danger; still, Keira is determined to do everything she can to save her friend. But when her mission forces her to rely on a pair of rivals she’s been raised to despise, Keira is left wondering who her true enemies really are.

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