Beneath the surface of our world, an inhuman force yearns for vengeance against humanity. It will not rest until it has destroyed every human on the planet…

Meet Kaden, an enigmatic six-year-old whose seeming normality conceals a profound mystery. He possesses an uncanny wisdom beyond his tender age, navigating the world independently, and wielding an eerie influence over those around him, even his parents.

Yet Kaden is not alone in his inexplicable nature. In the quiet town of Lynch, Kentucky, peculiar occurrences spiral out of control. Mysterious chasms materialize from thin air, individuals of all ages vanish without a trace, and the populace succumbs to an eerie force, enveloped by an otherworldly blue haze.

Amidst the chaos stands Clay Krutcher, a disenchanted coal miner unwittingly holding the key to unraveling these anomalies. Little does he know, the fate of humanity rests squarely on his shoulders. Can Clay defy his own destiny, confront the inhuman force lurking beneath the surface, and save our world from impending annihilation?

The countdown to The Surfacing has begun, and time is running out.

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