A personal message from the author:

Every time I go through a haunted house at Halloween (I can't get enough of them), I scare myself even more by wondering, “What if I something bad really did happen? Who would know that I needed help? Everyone is screaming.” That's where the idea for this book was born.

— Noelle West Ihli

With nerve-shredding special effects and acres of certified-haunted woods, the Thicket inevitably ranks as one of the best haunted attractions in the nation.

But this Halloween, the usual accolades have been replaced by calls for a shutdown. Because this year, some of the blood is real.

Management is quick to label the brazen double-murder of a staff member and thrillseeker as an isolated tragedy. They promise heightened security, metal detectors, and a new “no masks” policy. But the man in the grainy security footage hasn't chosen the Thicket at random. He’s a former Thicket employee with intimate knowledge of the 300-acre haunted attraction.

There are still forty-four days left until Halloween. And with all the media coverage, the Thicket is busier than ever.

Taylor Bennett — along with half of Rupert High School — is planning a visit.

So is Norah Lewis, who can’t shake the guilt that's stalked her since the night her brother was murdered.

And so is the man in the sinister black mask.


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