Welcome to The Time Trip, where you will embark on a journey of breaking through one of the biggest illusions “Time”. As you get deeper into the Time Trip, the more you will shake off any minor doubts, fears, illuions, ect. As you become stripped of any negative feelings, emotions, habits, and thought process, you will find yourself. You soon realize that you can create the life you desire and get whatever you want out of life as you go on this journey to finding your lifes true meaning and purpose. Join me on this trip that will change your life!

Personal message from the author:
“I wrote this book to help others find their true life-calling. I also wanted to show people that we create our life's based off of the way that we perceive it to be, not by how it actually is. Once you can break through the biggest illusions, such as time, you can then find out what life is truly about.”
— Jonathan Magda


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