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A personal message from the author:

The story has been inspired by my trips to Loch Ness, in Scotland. My memories about this magical place are as deep as the Loch and with every visit, a seed developed in my imagination to write a children's book about the mysterious “Monster”.

The book intertwines adventures and life morals, to teach children to embrace the qualities which they were born with. I feel tremendous joy watching my ideas and characters come to life in this illustrated book and I am happy to share them with children all over the world. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a water dragon tried to blow fire? Only one way to find out!

— Carmen Cardashian

The Untold Stories of a Water Dragon is the first book in a series about an orphan water dragon named Nesy who was born in a loch in Scotland. Young readers will love getting to know Nesy as she builds friendships with the animals that live on a nearby farm. As a result of the interactions between these animals, many exciting adventures are born.

Follow Nesy and her friends as she seeks to learn how to blow fire from her nostrils like her cousin, Alex, from Transylvania; as she learns about Christmas and Santa Claus—and perhaps even gets to meet the jolly old man; as she finds out more about Alex through a fruit bat named Tipsy who has a penchant for fermented fruit; and much more. Readers young and old are sure to fall in love with Scotland’s favorite water dragon and her many friends.

Finalist on The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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