A gripping thriller that'll shake your core and keep you guessing until the very last page.

Some secrets are meant to be buried. Others will follow you wherever you go.

After losing her fiancé in a terrible accident, all Emily Gardner wants is a fresh start. A place where she and her daughter, Zoey, can try to heal the emotional scars left behind. A place where she can revitalize her once successful career as a children’s book author. The small town of Lakewood seems to be just that perfect place. The house she bought on the lake seems even more perfect. But what seems to be an oasis soon reveals a much darker side

When a friendly encounter with the local Sheriff introduces Emily to Sunnybrook Assisted Living Home, the twisted secrets and terrifying coincidences of this seemingly perfect town begin to unravel. Disappearing husbands. Missing young girls. Watchful eyes. More questions than answers.

The longer she stays, the more unsettling life becomes. And when nightmares start beating down on what’s left of her fragile state of mind, blurring the lines of what she believes to be true, Emily will have to choose between her and her daughter’s own safety, or discovering the brutal realities of life in the lakeside town.


Read online The Walls We Build Around Us by C. Benjamin Doyle

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