First Short Book of The Watcher of Westbrook Series

A haunting attraction. A horrified household. Did he put down roots in tainted soil?

Maine, 1913. Architect Albert Granville longs to build a beautiful home for his family’s legacy. But before he can even break ground on his design, he’s ominously warned that their move is already ill-fated. Ignoring menacing letters filling his mailbox and proceeding with his plans, the determined man unknowingly plunges his family headlong into a deadly trap.

Now in their new residence and plagued by increasingly distressing threats, Albert struggles to reassure his wife when the police fail to provide any protection. But he’s terrified when the obsessed monster targets his innocent teenaged daughter…

Can Albert keep his dream alive before he loses everything to an unseen evil?

The Watcher of Westbrook Book 1 is the chilling first installment in the century-spanning, five-part Watcher of Westbrook mystery series. If you like generational thrillers, captivating psychological suspense, and treacherous twists and turns, then you’ll love Aidyn Corday’s journey into terror.

A personal message from the author:

I wanted to create a fun and entertaining story for my fellow mystery/suspense fans. I was instantly inspired to write this book when I heard a news report about a true event that happened in a local area. I knew I had to write the story and after a long journey its finally ready. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

— Aidyn Corday

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