The Knowledge of the Willing

The YOU beyond you takes readers on a journey through both the seen and unseen toxicity of our modern environment. It deals with both mental and physical assaults on the minds and body. And it gives users what Najjar hopes will be liberating tools.

Najjar starts from basic precepts – such as the fact that all experience is subjective – and builds from there. He challenges the notion that society's beliefs are final and argues that many of its assumptions hinder our understanding of Reality. In his view, we have lost touch with what we are and, as a result, are no longer happy and functional.

Najjar is an inclusive writer who aims The You Beyond You for readers of all ages. It covers practically every dimension of life, from one's frame of mind to metaphysics. And it highlights the mental habits people consciously and unconsciously adopt, providing a much-needed roadmap for how to escape them.

Critically, Najjar points out; human life does not have to follow the pattern set out by the culture. Instead, each person can follow a path to their spiritual awakening.

Najjar states that the book is “a must-read of at least once-in-a-lifetime for everyone willing to experience the real dimension of existence and go beyond limited norms.” The book aims to convey the idea that conscious thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg. Human beings, Najjar asserts, are a far more profound and richer phenomenon than the culture admits.

After reading the book, Najjar says that readers should better understand the mental habits that are “polluting [their] bodies.” They should also be better able to overcome the thoughts that frame our minds and destroy mental peace. And they would have a much better understanding of the dynamics that form our Reality. Ultimately, Najjar wants the work to empower people, allowing readers to take control of their lives, both for the betterment of themselves and others. The goal is to guide readers towards a state of spiritual enlightenment – a form of sustained bliss and levity. That, in his view, is a path to a better world.


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