A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book as a way of processing and growing from my own experiences. I think writing and art in general is an amazing way to transmute your experiences into something beautiful. This book despite its somewhat ominous title is both surreal and confessional, lyrical and free verse. I don’t think I write like a lot of people which can be to my benefit and detriment. I think this book is for people who are excited by avant garde, off-beat, and bizarre subject matter that is still intrinsically linked to the human experience.

— N. Alexsander Sidirov

Oscillating between lyrical poetry, dramatic, confessional, and abstract. The only thing that seems consistent is the amount of surprise experienced every page. Calling this book a poetry collection feels somewhat denigrating considering the avant-garde imagery, the ominous tone, and ultimately the transcendental climax that is incomparable to anything written in the genre.

Each poem in this book has a specific place along an emotional odyssey that blisters with novelty and an almost lynchian flare for the surreal and absurd. Whether you ultimately enjoy his words remains to be seen, but one certainly can never forget them. This is the matter that existential dreams are made of. . .

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