A handbook on how to future-proof your organisation

The increasingly rapid pace of technological development and its constant cycles of innovation results in society's digitalisation. Such digital ‘revolution' has shaped people's working practices across contemporary organisations today, particularly when up-keeping the technological trends required to future-proof oneself and manage the uncertainty posed within the dynamic, business environment. From non-profit foundations to large corporations to small tech start-ups this means the need to be digital empowered, flexible and fast crucial to driving organisational success. With many businesses faced with compliance-driven HR processes positioned to work in opposition to the organisation instead of supporting it- has resulted in the perception of HR being slow and out of touch.

Alsafi's handbook on how to future-proof your organisation is the definitive resource for HR leaders and practitioners to ensure their organisation effectively adapts and sustains the constantly changing and increasingly competitive business environment. The purpose of this handbook is intended with the opportunity to share valuable insight facilitated to enhance your learning as far as the impacts digital technology will have on people's work practices. Readers will be offered invaluable practical guidance on how HR can effectively prioritise, pursue, develop, prepare and future-proof the state of digitalisation towards HR practice aligned to business needs and ultimately achieve continuous business improvements. Throughout this handbook, a range of features to consolidate learning positioned to reflect/examine current practices within your organisation includes evidence-based best practice ideas and recommendations to establish a culture of innovation and collaboration, opportunities and frameworks for wellbeing initiatives, key learning points, and further case studies with critical considerations offered.

Comprehensive coverage across key chapters covered includes the following:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Examining future technological trends from 2020 onwards
  • New technology & employment relations
  • Future-proofing digital skills & priorities for HR leaders
  • What do we mean by digital & technological transformation?
  • Strategic planning for Human Resources during and post COVID-19
  • Aligning digital learning & development (L&D) with effective leadership
  • Digital technology & organisational development (OD) post-COVID-19
  • Defending human values & the importance behind adopting an ethical approach.

The final chapter includes a supplement of a ‘distinction' graded Msc research thesis illustrating the strategic relevance and oppurtunity opened towards contributing value and strengthening the alignment between digitalisation and HRM (Human Resources Management) within a live organisation. With digitalisation also impacting the HR function in different levels, the project's objective was for HR professionals to understand the concept and wider implications of digitalisation whilst identifying the main challenges HR professionals perceive of digital HR technologies when managing people.

Many of the chapters presented are facilitated and positioned to balance three fundamentals critically:

  • Enhancing competitive advantage
  • Driving operational efficiency
  • Boosting people-focused experience

Think and act ahead is an essential critical read for all HR practitioners within organisations irrespective of size aiming to improve/optimise both business and people performance whilst navigating the increasingly competitive dynamics attached within a digital-based business environment.

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