Water is the most flexible material in the nature, it can easily pick up forms and change according to the environment. Maybe it is or not accidental that 57-60% of the human body is water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did some interesting experiments with water, he suspected that a prayer or thinking can change the structure of the water. To visualize he frozen the water until small crystals appeared, and they photographed the crystals under microscope. The difference between the water samples, that have blessed or had any positive or even negative thought impact is huge. Let me show you some example:

After saying Thank You

After saying you disgust me
youdisgust me

After saying Eternal

After saying Wisdom

After saying Angel

After bless of a Buddhist Monk

After praying Chi of Love

Source: masaru-emoto.net

Source: Youtube

After all what should this mean to us? Simple that thoughts could have serious effect on us, and even on our environment and to others. Careful with what you say and what you think!