Author J. Franklin Payne has crafted a highly entertaining and well thought out work of drama, which reads quickly but has plenty of content from cover to cover. Many speculative elements, which were woven into a plot that is well-grounded, and therefore added to the tension and uncertainty even more. The character development of Kyle Stone is particularly interesting and is intriguing to see how the effects of his time at war gave him fortitude for the challenges that were to face him later in life. In terms of cohesion, one of the best features of the work is its dialogue, which not only gives the cutthroat atmosphere of the boardroom world but also characterizes and delivers plot exposition in a snappy, direct fashion. Thread is a fascinating read which will surely suit readers who love thriller novels with realistic protagonists.

Thread is a family saga including The Family, a story like no other, encompassing the thriller and mystery sub-genres. Written for adults due to its complex themes and tense moments, the protagonist of the piece is successful businessman Kyle Stone, whose early life is plagued by tragedy and stark experiences of war. After this, his experiences in the business world become no less cutthroat, and the story progresses to show us all those who would make life difficult for Kyle, and the clever ways in which he is able to overcome them. What results is an enigmatic thriller with plenty of surprises and suspense.

A gripping novel that satisfies the cravings of crime novel fans with suspense, strong villains, and unforeseen twists.


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