Whether you are after a new career, you feel stuck in a career you are no longer happy with or you simply try to find your path in life, you are not alone. Lots of people struggle with the same issues and many of them end up making the wrong decisions. But whether you are 20, 35 or 50, you can still make some changes to your career and adopt another path – a path that will help you actually enjoy what you are doing. Obviously, the earlier you do it, the better.

Tips, tricks and guides over the Internet will give you nothing but some general insights. When in doubt, go through the best career books for 2021 and explore the world through a new perspective. Find out how to help yourself, identify your passions and drive yourself to success. Here are some of the titles you do not want to miss.

45 Days To Hired, by Erin Hughes and John Walker

On average, it takes a few weeks to land a random job and months to secure the job of your dreams. The authors have tried and tested various programs to figure out which one provides maximum efficiency. You can forget about advice from friends or family. Instead, you can adopt the right mindset and a disciplined approach to come up with successful results.

The book is split into three parts – a few tips to use the Internet in your favor, help from friends to improve your network and successful stories that you can easily learn from. The guide is not general. It does not aim to sound sophisticated. Instead, it is based on straightforward ideas to make things work without too much hassle.

Invaluable, by Maya Grossman

Invaluable is a practical development book aiming to help those struggling with their careers. It comes from a reputable coach career and covers 10 skills that all professionals require in order to advance their careers. The author teaches you how to turn yourself from a random employee into the top talent that every business would love around.

While hard work does pay off, there are other things to pay attention to as well. You need to change your mindset, optimize yourself, become an actual influencer in the workplace and create your own opportunities. The book may seem sophisticated, but it is actually extremely simple and provides step by step instructions that anyone could understand.

The Squiggly Career, by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis

Careers have never been more dynamic. These days, you have to adapt. There are no more jobs for life. People these days jump from one career to another – even within the same company. It may sound exciting, but such a venture could become extremely daunting if you have no idea what you are doing. Sooner or later, chances are you will feel lost – what is your purpose in work after all and how can you settle?

This book targets this trend and helps you stay on track while adding dynamics into your career. Authors have explored five strong skills you require in order to advance and build your own opportunities. You must identify your main values, play to your major strengths, up your confidence, build a network and explore further possibilities. Once you get these covered, nothing should stop you.

How To Go To Work, by Lucy Clayton and Steven Haines

If you think starting a career is hard, wait until you have to advance or thrive in it. You will get stuck at some point or another, trying your best to find a purpose in it. All in all, this book will get you ready for the first steps in your career, whether it is an apprenticeship or your first shift. It will give you the mindset and skills to advance and ease your further opportunities in life.

Find out what truly makes the difference when it comes to landing a good first job, but also how to deal with minor mistakes and celebrate your success. You need to protect your values while making an excellent impression. At the same time, it pays off getting the right job for your passion and skills, rather than a random career.

Hype Yourself, by Lucy Werner

This is the type of book you would benefit from if you are about to go self employed or start your own small business. It is not necessarily about landing a job, but about landing your own job in your own environment – your rules. But on the other hand, it is imperative to know what these rules should be about if you want your new career to blow. This is what Lucy Werner tries to achieve with her new book.

This guide is straightforward and tackles the most important parts in the game. It is about your reputation, your focus, your PR and so on. While designed to help your own career grow, the book will change your mindset in a way that will benefit you in all aspects of life – from your professional life to the personal one. Step by step instructions make it seem easy to implement as well.

Working From Home, by Karen Mangia

A simple search over the Internet will give you lots of ideas, tips and tricks on how to work from home and do it efficiently. But those ideas are broad and general – you are less likely to get any insights on how to do it properly. Karen Mangia's guide comes in to show you the path to a successful career from home based on productivity.

You will learn how to create the right opportunities for your upcoming career, design your own office, come up with an efficient time management system, deal with burnout and isolation and discover how to make an impact over the Internet. The guide comes with a hands on approach and step by step instructions to make the venture easy and efficient.

It's About Damn Time, by Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton had nothing in 2015. She ended up in San Francisco trying to figure out how to survive in a world run by white males – the typical person to start a large business in the city. She had no background, no contacts and no network. She did not even have a degree to help her land a job in the first place, but just dedication and ambition.

Things have not changed too much since then. Stereotypes are still there, while being underrepresented equals underestimation. However, the author agrees that underestimation is a major advantage. You have to work two times harder. Once you get on the same level with others, you will literally sprint ahead of your competition.

The 2-Hour Job Search, by Steve Dalton

It takes days and weeks – or even months – to land a job these days. Moreover, you start with industries you like, only to end up settling for something you have never planned for. It is part of the game – you want independence and you have bills to pay or perhaps a family to feed. How would you like to secure an interview within a couple of hours then?

It sounds like a dream come true, but Steve Dalton's guide will actually help you out. Find out how to use modern technologies to identify the ideal employers and get an interview straight away. It makes no difference what your experience level is or how much education you have. It is all about having the right people skills.

How To Get A Job You Love, by John Lees

More difficult than ever these days, landing a random job could be a challenge. When it comes to food and bills, you would do anything. But then, how would you like to do something you love? How about something that you are passionate about and trained for?

John Lees' guide will help you how to get a job you love. It will help you figure out what you want, identify your strengths and secure interviews without too much hassle. It brings in a hands on approach that will work wonders overtime.

Don't Take Yes For An Answer, by Steve Herz

Steve Herz is one of the leading names on the market when it comes to talent and career advice. Find out how to skyrocket your career with three underestimated factors – energy, authority and warmth. This guide will teach you how to achieve your best in work by avoiding positive feedback.

Simply put, nothing forces you to improve more than critical feedback. Other than that, the book will teach you how to network and communicate in order to stand out. It has nothing to do with your education, experience or ambition – these are all equal.

Bottom line, these are some of the best career books for 2021. In a world where more and more people struggle with their jobs and careers, this might be the right moment to catapult your professional life.