Nothing beats a good mystery thriller full of suspense – you keep trying to figure out the outcome, but there are plot twists hitting you out of nowhere when least expected. Whether you like reading or the movie industry was not satisfying enough, you can always rely on some quality reads to boost your craving for suspense.

All in all, here are some of the best mystery adventure books for 2021, as well as what to expect from them. The current list is mainly focusing on books published in 2020, but later we may update the list with new mysteries.

Indigo Lost, by Aleksandar Gutovic

Indigo Lost follows the story of Edward Lindstrom. The popular journalist feels out of inspiration, so he relies on a hypnosis reading session in the attempt to get a good story. Things do not really go as planned. As he wakes up, he realizes he is in the wrong place.

He and a few other participants end up in the so called Order of Anu, a secretive cult that aims to discover the hidden origins of the human history by identifying the Chosen One. One thing lead to another and Edward ends up leading the group on a journey to a completely unusual world.

The group ends up solving quests and hunting clues, only to get closer to the actual truth behind the world’s origin. But then, what is the main reason behind this quest? Will the group go in the right direction or is this a way to destroy the world?

The Sentinel, by Lee Child

The Sentinel is part of a larger collection – in fact, it is the 25th book in the Jack Reacher series. The story revolves around a random IT professional in a small town from Tennessee – minding his own business and going to work day by day, without anything spectacular going on in his life.

However, one of his days is about to get really bad when someone decides to mug him. Jack Reacher decides to help, especially as things seem to go even further than that – the poor guy has no idea there is more than just mugging behind the act.

It turns out the IT guy is hunted by a serious group with secret origins. The group believes he has something important, yet the IT guy has no idea what it is all about. Jack has to figure it all out before things escalate.

Daylight, by David Baldacci

Atlee Pine's twin sister – Mercy – has disappeared when she was six years old only. She has never been recovered. Atlee is a prolific FBI agent now and her hunger for clues regarding her sister takes her to an unusual path.

She eventually discovers the abductor's identity – Ito Vincenzo. However, she also faces pressure from a higher level to stop the investigation, right when the most important clues kick in. Atlee ends up clashing with John Puller – a local military investigator trying to solve a case.

The two discover a connection between Ito Vincenzo and a conspiracy that threatens to throw the world into chaos. Atlee discovers more and more clue regarding her sister, but the truth seems to go in the wrong direction.

Clean Hands, by Patrick Hoffman

Lawyer Elizabeth Carlyle handles a very serious case – she has to defend a bank against fraud accusations. But then, her junior assistant loses his phone, as well as a plethora of secret documents on it.

Former CIA agent Valencia Walker kicks in – she is usually hired when wealthy individuals or companies need their issues sorted out in a discreet way. She gets the phone eventually, but the documents have been copied already.

With blackmail kicking in, people committing suicide, Russian connections and press leaks, Elizabeth and Valencia know there are billions on their hands and they have to sort the problem out without actually getting involved.

Shakeup, by Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington has just finished the adventure of a lifetime – somewhere along the coast, facing all kinds of dangers. But now, he wants to settle down with the lady of his dreams and start a family, leaving everything behind.

The past has a different plan for him though. When a crime gets close to his comfort bubble, he is asked for help. A bunch of new clients is desperate to work with him, so he realizes that peace is out of discussion.

A bunch of dead ends take him nowhere. However, Stone manages to get some new friends and seeks help from some important people to solve the problem. It turns out the issue is bigger than he thought and it might get global.

Marauder, by Boyd Morrison and Clive Cussler

This is by far one of the best mystery adventure books for 2021. especially as it takes place in an exotic place. Juan Cabrillo is in Kuwait to offer his protection. He and his group manage to save an oil tanker from being destroyed, but things seem to be more complicated.

One thing leads to another and it turns out a billionaire has come up with a paralyzing chemical that could ruin the world. The billionaire is dead now, but the chemical is in terrorist hands and it leaks out, killing people.

People around Juan Cabrillo end up getting affected. He has to find an antidote before things become too aggressive. It is not just his life he has to save, but the whole world. Will Juan and his team manage to fix the problem before it is too late?

The Coast-To-Coast Murders, by James Patterson

Both Megan and Michael Fitzgerald are adopted. They share the same past. One of them is a truck driver, while the other one is still in college – studying psychology. They trust each other more than anyone else.

Their parents are both intellectuals and they managed to raise the two kids in an experimental environment – far from the actual reality of the world. As a direct consequence, they have also faced a series of secrets throughout their lives.

The story flies to Los Angeles, where two detectives – Jessica Gimble and Garrett Dobbs – have to solve a series of mysterious murders. Somehow, these murders lead to the Fitzgerald family, but which member is actually involved? More importantly, why?

Ready Player Two, by Ernest Cline

Oasis founder James Halliday holds a contest and Wade Watts win it. However, Wade discovers a bit too much while pushing for the competition. James' vaults hide an impressive technology that could destroy the world.

James comes up with a new contest – a new riddle full of clues that may lead to this innovation. Wade is not alone in this competition – a powerful rival waits in the darkness and gets ready to kill millions of people to get his hands on this technology.

It is not just the future of Oasis that Wade has to look after, but also the future of the world. The book takes the reader through an impressive action packed story, a virtual universe and a few insights into a potential future.

This book is primary for cyberpunk lovers, but it is also a great mystery story.

Treason, by Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington returns to New York City after completing an interesting British expedition. However, he realizes the situation back home is not as happy as he thought – in fact, the country is facing an unexpected challenge.

One of Stone's best friends asks him for help in getting rid of a destructive group (or person) in a secret agency. As he goes through a bunch of apparently random clues, Stone realizes that this presence is actually sent by one of his former enemies.

Stone will need to travel around the USA in order to eradicate the enemy. He will have to gain intel, hunt the intruder and make justice. The problem is that his enemy is armed with plenty of resources and some amazing schemes to succeed.

The Cousins, by Karen M. McManus

The story follows Jonah, Aubrey and Milly Story. The three cousins have not spent too much time together, so they are not too familiar one with another. If there is one thing they have in common, that is the fact that they have ever met their grandmother.

The rich grandmother has disinherited her parents in a conflict that took place before the three kids were born. But then, they receive some letters out of nowhere – their grandmother invites them to come work at her island resort throughout the summertime.

Parents decide to let the kids go, hoping they would manage to get into the old lady's good graces. However, as the three reach the island, they realize that their grandmother has completely different plans. The more time they spend there, the more clues they discover about the family's dark secrets. Will they manage to escape? Will they figure out what is going on?

Bottom line, these are some of the best mystery adventure books for 2021. The list could go a bit longer, especially as new titles are expected for the beginning of 2021, but these top books will most likely satisfy your craving for mysteries and unexpected plot twists.