Self help books have gained notoriety over the last decade. Millions of people can swear by them, whether they have helped them discover their inner drive, change their mindset or transform their lives. All in all, here are some of the best self help books that will heal your mind, body and spirit, as well as what you should expect from each of them.

Zenergy: Mind, Body, Spirit, by Ki Browning

This book brings in tools and strategies that are proven to help you overcome challenging times in your life. Whether it comes to self discipline, emotional balance or a deeper understanding of your inner self, Ki Browning indicates the best way to maintain balance on all levels. The book will transform your awareness of your overall life purpose and bring joy and peace into your life. After all, it is said happiness is a state of mind. This is how you can achieve it.

Wherever You Go There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

This is not just a book, but an actual concept that will help you discover a new way to live your life. As long as you can find out who you truly are, making a change is a matter of time only. This book provides something for everyone, regardless of your situation. The book consists of a few different parts and each of them is strongly related to another in order to help you understand what is about to happen. Simply put, there is just no better way to understand mindfulness.

Emotional Healing For Dummies, by David Beales and Helen Whitten

The dummy collection is a step by step amalgam of instructions. It mostly relates to technical stuff, but surprisingly enough, the self help instructions are just as handy. There is plenty of practical advice on how to support yourself when you go through a challenge. The best concept about it? Authors truly understand that emotions are not just mental, but also physical. Go through the techniques and ideas presented in the book and your life will take an unexpected turn.

Fearless, by Brenda Shoshanna

Author Brenda Shoshanna agrees that fear is often the factor that prevents people from achieving their true potential. This book helps you develop some easy skills to overcome fear, regardless of what aspects of your life it affects. Everything about it is practical, so it is not like you get a bunch of general tips and advice. Instead, you get straightforward instructions. The book will help you understand the major disadvantage of wearing a mask of hiding and protection.

The Anatomy Of Peace, by The Arbringer Institute

Everyone goes through war sometimes – it is usually going on the inside. This book takes you from a state of internal war to internal peace. The thing is you need to look into yourself and figure out how you approach certain interactions that take you to war. Once you see them from an objective point of view, changing becomes a matter of time only. The book is so great because it analyzes situations that you often find difficult to express in words.

Facing Heartbreak, by Stefanie Carnes and Mari A. Lee

Imagine that one person in the world who you trust with all your being. Then, you find out they have a secret life. How devastating would that be? This book will teach you how to face such a major heartbreak. The book is mostly aimed at those whose partners or trusted friends are addicted to sex. It sounds like a specialized book, but it can help people from more directions. All in all, authors have done a pretty good job at making strategies and therapies accessible for everyone.

Hold Me Tight, by Dr Sue Johnson

Facing a boring relationship? Feeling like the flame is no longer burning? Is it more like getting used to it than actually feeling it? This book will show you how to rediscover love and support in your relationship. Author Sue Johnson will provide practical and simple ways to grow a relationship, even if it looks dead and the intimate communication is history. It teaches couples how to rediscover themselves and enjoy their relationships like in the beginning.

The Feeling Good Handbook, by David Burns

This book is about feeling good and feeling good involves multiple aspects around your life. Worried with depression? Anxious about the future? Not fully satisfied with your relationship? Dealing with problematic moods? Everyone goes through such problems every now and then. This book is practical and helps you manage everything, from your thinking patterns to your communicational problems. It is simple and go straight to the point – there is literally no way to fail in changing your life.

Recovery Of Your Inner Child, by Lucia Capacchione

Everyone thinks about it sometimes – those happy days when you were a child and you had no worries whatsoever. This book is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to achieve that state of mind and happiness. It is about empowering the inner self. As for the content, you get a bunch of strategies and exercises. Everything is straightforward and easy to apply, which makes it even better. Simply go through one chapter after another and you will notice a difference immediately.

Eat, Drink And Be Mindful, by Susan Albers

Do you love eating? Do you regret it after having a large unhealthy meal that you know it can harm you? Lots of people go through this struggle, but Susan Albers is here to change everything. The book brings in a gentle and direct approach on how you can change the interaction with food, as well as the relationship with your body. It is not all about theory, but also about doing things. It is practical and brings in a plethora of exercises that anyone could do.

Bottom line, these are some of the top rated self help books that will heal your mind, body and spirit, whether you want to heal yourself, improve your mindset or change your life to 180 degrees.

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