​No matter how intense you like your drama or thriller books, no one can deny the benefits of a chilled funny novel every now and then. It brings in a good laugh and a few giggles, but it also comes up with a feel good atmosphere. In a world where coming up with new ideas could be a bit difficult, some authors have managed to nail the charts with their originality and fun way to write. All in all, here are some of the best new funny novels for 2021, as well as what you should expect from each of them.

Ice Cream for Refugees, by Daniele J. Grassi

When you picture an Austrian village, you imagine old fashioned colored buildings, narrow streets, lots of greenery and perhaps a river going around. Well, Maisland is described in a different way in this interesting novel. While the beginning is classic, things quickly escalate.

Mayor Franz Bauer expects a day like any other – nothing special going on, but just a few things on his daily agenda. However, the local party head decides to ask him for a shelter to welcome refugees. The mayor has to comply with the request and this is when chaos begins.

No one really likes the idea. The town goes insane – it all starts with the cabinet members and the chaos moves on to the actual population. Suddenly, everyone else has something else to do. Agendas change and people are willing to go the long way around to achieve their goals – a fun mix of unexpected events.

Grown Ups, by Marian Keyes

The Caseys represent everyone's dream. They are glamorous, good looking and successful. The family is perfect – Johnny, Ed, Liam, their wives and kids tend to gather around all the time, whether it comes to celebrations, weekends or parties. The family is apparently kept together by Johnny's wife, Jessie.

Apart from the public image, things are not always as good as they seem. The family conditions are not that pink. Some of the family members love each other, while others seem to clash most of the time. However, things are easily kept under control.

Everything escalates when Ed's wife, Cara, gets a concussion. This is when things go wild. She is no longer able to keep opinions and thoughts private, so she keeps telling people the blatant truth. It all starts with a careless remark and the entire family goes fuming over long kept secrets.

Wow, No Thank You, by Samantha Irby

This is the type of book that will hook you from the first chapter – you will not be able to put it down until you finish it. It follows Irby's story. She is 40 years old and she is not too confident with herself, despite being quite successful on Instagram. However, she decides to follow her dream.

She leaves her current job, publishes a few books, gets some connections in Hollywood and moves into a house that requires quite a few repairs. Things take an unusual turn and sooner or later, she ends up hosting book clubs and making salads – not the lavish lifestyle she dreamed about.

Things go from bad to worse and Irby ends up with bad dates with a bunch of new friends, random meetings with no results, past due bills and so on. The book is a collection of hilarious essays that will make your day better and put a smile on your face.

House Of Trelawney, by Hannah Rothschild

If you like those series based on British aristocrats and their fancy lifestyles, you will be delighted by this hilarious novel covering such a topic. The story takes place at the Trelawney Castle, which dominates Cornwall for over 700 years – a grand masterpiece with incredible luxury and vast gardens.

2008 is not the best year for it though. After going through two wars, facing an economic crisis and being exposed to inheritance taxes, the castle is in a state of ruin. However, Kitto, his wife Jane, their kids and a bunch of other related people still manage to live there.

Things could get a bit confusing later on – Kitto's sister comes back and they get ready to welcome some unexpected guests. Trying to make a good impression, the local residents figure out that the castle itself is not what keeps the family together, but many other things and a rich history.

Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies, by Tara Schuster

This book is brutal, honest, incredibly funny and surprising. It follows Tara Schuster's story – the author with a rich background and a successful venture in being a grownup. It teaches people how to discover gratitude, heal wounds, identify beliefs to overcome them and silence the inner enemy.

At a first glance, it may look like a self help book and there are, indeed, a bunch of lessons that anyone could learn from. In fact, the author said this is the type of book she wish she could read when she was younger. But apart from all these, everything is related in a hysterical manner.

There are a bunch of stories to learn from and each of them is related in the funniest possible way. It is candid and brutally honest, but also addictive and likely to put a smile on your face. It could be seen as a practical guide to growing up as well, but with a laid back attitude towards life.

The Thursday Murder Club, by Richard Osman

This is not just one of the best new funny novels for 2021, but also an incredibly smart story that will hook you in. The action takes place in a quiet retirement village – everyone is chilled and happy and they all know each other. They move on with their lives without a single worry at all.

But things take an unusual turn when four unlikely friends find their lives too boring. They gather together every week in order to investigate unsolved crimes and murders – just following a hobby and keeping busy. However, none of them expects a murder to occur right in their community.

A brutal killing occurs right there and the so called Thursday Murder Club is excited to be in the middle of the action. The self-taught investigators are now facing their first case. While most members are around 80, they can still come up with a few tricks. Will they manage to find the killer before it is too late? Are they in danger too?

A Village Vacancy, by Julie Houston

A Village Vacancy is one of those feel good stories that can warm you up on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Julie Houston has gained notoriety with A Village Affair and her new book aims to be even better. The action takes place in Westenbury, a picturesque village in Yorkshire.

The local community is ravaged by a death. One of the most popular gentlemen passes away and most women are interested to find out what will happen with the handsome widower. Who will replace her beloved husband? But Grace Stevens has a different plan that will most likely surprise everyone else.

She lives in the village and moves to Devon. She decides to return to teaching and takes over a problematic class of kids. There are lots of challenges to go through, but just like you might have guessed already, a bit of romance will inevitably kick in too – Grace tries to keep the distance from one of her pupils' dad, but it seems the attraction is too powerful.

A Year At The Chateau, by Angel Strawbridge and Dick Strawbridge

Dick and Angel have always wanted to live in France, but their expectations are not low at all. While most people could do well with a little cottage in a village with narrow streets, the couple has different expectations. The two eye an impressive château with over 45 rooms spread over a bunch of buildings and lots of land.

The plan is fairly simple – they have a two bedroom flat in London and they hope to swap it for a derelict castle in the middle of the Loire valley. This is likely to become the adventure of their lifetime, especially as their two daughters follow up and join the challenge as well.

For this interesting family, this is the experience of a lifetime. Moreover, there are plenty of happy outcomes and funny situations, not to mention the glorious description of the rural life in France. It is a warm book with incredible adventures – suitable for an adventurous read on your evenings. Plus, chances are it will make you want to travel tomorrow.

Bottom line, any of these best new funny novels for 2021 will make your day. Some of them will drag you in, so you will never be able to let them down. Some others will trigger your adventurous spirit – find the right mood and enhance your afternoons with some quality reads.​